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About the THIN LINE Collection

About the Thin Line Collection

The "Thin Line" Beanie Collection features black double brim knit beanies with a "Thin Line" in a colour coordinating with various first responder or designations and an XL faux fur pom pom. $10 CDN from the sale of each Thin Line Beanie and $5 CDN from the sale of each Thin Line Earwarmer will be donated to either Toronto Beyond the Blue (Thin Blue Line) or #ivegotyourback911 (all other Thin Line colours) in support of mental health programs and services for first responders and their families in Ontario, Canada.

This collection and donations are so close to my heart. I am a social worker in child welfare, my husband is a police officer with Toronto Police Service, and my father is a retired police inspector. Our first responders have extremely difficult jobs and more often than not, take care of others over themselves. Too many first responders struggle with the mental health consequences of both first hand and vicarious (secondary) trauma, too often resulting in suicide. I am so happy to donate to these two causes to ensure that first responders and their families receive the mental health supports they need.


I have researched "thin line" designations and have collected this list. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and some designations fit into several different thin line colours. 

~~First Responders~~
Thin BLUE Line --------------- Law Enforcement / Police Officers / Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
Thin RED Line ----------------- Firefigthers / Fallen Firefighters
Thin WHITE Line ------------- Emergency Medical Services / Paramedics / EMTs / Nurses / Doctors
Thin GREY/SILVER Line ---- Correctional Services / Prison Guards / Probation & Parole Officers
Thin YELLOW/GOLD Line -- Security Guards / Dispatchers (Public Service Communications)
Thin GREEN Line ------------- Federal Agents / Border Patrol / Park Rangers / Game Warden / Military
Thin ORANGE Line ---------- Search & Rescue
Thin PURPLE Line ------------ Social Workers / Child Protection/Welfare / Domestic Violence Workers

Thin BLUE Line --------------- Air Force / Navy
Thin RED Line ---------------- Coast Guard / Marines
Thin WHITE Line ------------ National Guard / Veterans
Thin GREEN Line ----------- Army / Military Police


Toronto Beyond the Blue (TBTB) is an independent, registered charity, with the support of the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Association, dedicated to serving spouses & families of Toronto police officers/civilian members. We strive to promote an awareness of our officer's worth as well as an understanding of the joys and struggles that are uniquely experienced in a life in law enforcement.

#ivegotyourback911 is an Ontario organization started by front line paramedics that raises awareness about first responder and military mental health and suicide. They support ALL those who experience traumatic incidents in the workplace and provides financial or product donations to agencies or fundraising events, all in the name and promotion of First Responder Mental Health.


As of February 9, 2021

Toronto Beyond the Blue - $277

#ivegotyourback911 - $64

Donations are made at the beginning of each month for the sales of the previous month. If donations do not equal at least $20 in a one month period, donations will be made after the next full month. Donation receipts are added to my "Thin Line Coll" stories highlight on my Instagram @cozycolecreations