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SNUGGLERS - Unicorns, Dinos & Hippos

Cozy Cole Creations

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These adorable little snuggles are made for your little one's tiny hands! They are made from super soft chenille yarn and are a cross-over between a stuffy and a lovey. 

Each snuggler listed below is one of a kind and once it's's gone. 


Unicorns - approx. 12" head to toe
Dinos - approx. 12" head to toe
Hippos - approx. 15.5" tall

YARN: 100% Polyester (Chenille-feel)

CAUTION: safety eyes are secured, however, may still pose a choking risk to young ones. Please supervise your child appropriately. 

CARE: Spot clean with wet cloth. Do not put in washing machine. 

PATTERNS: Unicorn & Dino by MamaMadeMinis; Hippo by MyDearKnot

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