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Custom Wire Words - Name or Word

Cozy Cole Creations

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Custom Wire Words - Name or Word

These wire words are the perfect decor for a baby's room, home decor, and make a wonderful personalized gift for any age. Each word is handmade with metal wire covered in handmade acrylic and/or cotton yarn icord. 

How to Order: Please choose the number of letters in your word, and then write your word/name in the name text box exactly as you want it (if you want all lower case, write it that way, if you want upper case first letter, make sure to write it that way, etc.). Choose the colour you'd like (refer to the colour swatch pictures). 

If you are ordering more than one name, please order each as a separate item. 

Height of capital letters and tall lower case letters is approx. 4.5-5".

Length will depend on the number of letters. 
4 letter words are approximately 12" long, 6 letters approximately 16" long, etc. 

Hanging Instructions: These words do not come with anything to hang them, however, I like setting them on a nail in the wall, through one of the letters that has a loop. Alternatively, you could also use a Command Strip hanger. They can also be placed on shelves and other surfaces.

Care Instructions: These words are made with wire, and while they do keep their shape, they will bend, so please take care when handling. 

COMMON WORD IDEAS: hello, hey, coffee, love, relax, teach, home, inspire, welcome, boss, play, make, dance, knit, swim, run, smile, wild, read, cozy, dream, sleep, learn, merry, hohoho, falala, etc. 

If you have ANY questions about your word/name, please connect with me prior to ordering and I can answer as best as possible. 

Please note that colours may vary slightly based on lighting and/or screen settings.